New team to shape long term renewal of Hatfield
A team of key stakeholders in Hatfield are joining forces to develop a strategy for the town’s renewal to 2030 and beyond.  

The newly formed Hatfield Renewal Partnership (HRP) will develop a blueprint for the town’s ongoing transformation.  

The partnership was initiated by Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council and Project Board members include the council, Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP), University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield Town Council, Goodman Business Parks, Welwyn Hatfield Community Housing Trust and Oaklands College.  Other partners include Gascoyne Cecil Estates, Hertfordshire County Council, Welwyn Hatfield Chamber of Commerce and Finesse Leisure.

The process of appointing specialists to work alongside the partnership began this week with the publication of an invitation to tender.  The appointed consultants will help deliver a new strategic plan for renewal which will be used to drive growth and investment in Hatfield.  It will also identify a series of more specific initiatives and projects to be implemented over the next 15 years that will directly benefit the town, its residents and businesses.

Quintin McKellar, Chair of the HRP Project Board,  Vice Chancellor at the University of Hertfordshire and LEP board member, said: “This is a very exciting project for the whole of Hatfield.  We will be consulting extensively with local residents, businesses and other key stakeholders to arrive at a long term plan that will shape the future of the town.  Everyone involved is committed to identifying a blueprint for Hatfield that underpins its sustained and successful renewal.”

Cllr Bernard Sarson, Executive Member for Business and Partnerships at Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council, said: “A long term strategy for the renewal of Hatfield is a vital part of the town’s future success.  It will look beyond the council’s £3.65m investment in the town centre, which people will see taking shape over the next 18 months, and it is an extremely positive sign that such a wide range of organisations are committed to the project.”

Andrew Percival, chair of the LEP’s Strategic Infrastructure Board, said: “Hatfield has huge economic potential. As part of our Growth Deal expansion we successfully secured £6m from the Government for the town’s regeneration and we are committed to working with partners to ensure that Hatfield is an attractive and vibrant place to live, work and do business.”

Following the completion of Phase One of Hatfield town centre's redevelopment, Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council is set to continue its renewal with a significant investment programme agreed at a meeting of Cabinet last week.


Hatfield town centre after Phase One
An initial £2.65m has been committed to works set to start in January and these will continue to create a better environment for shoppers, businesses and residents in the town. The works taking place will include:

·         A new canopy for The Arcade

·         Improvements to The Common car park and signs to the town centre

·         Refurbishment to a number of shops in the town centre and new shop fronts

·         Public realm works, continuing the work seen in the area between Asda and White Lion Square

·         Improvements in White Lion Square including a refurbished canopy, upgraded facades and new lighting.

The decision comes after discussions with development partner, St Modwen, recognised that at the present time, the council is best placed to lead on the next steps of the town's renewal.  As a result, the Development Agreement between St Modwen, the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) and the council has been brought to an end by mutual agreement. 

In addition to the investment of £2.65m, the council will continue to explore options for further investment in the town centre and broaden its discussions with a range of stakeholders to consider the best way of ensuring the future vitality of the whole town.

Working in partnership, the council and St. Modwen successfully delivered Phase One of the scheme which included the construction of five shops and 15 apartments at 88-96 Town Centre (the former Bill Salmon centre, next to Asda), two shops and four apartments in two new buildings at 17c & 17d Town Centre at the northern end of The Arcade, and the public realm works between the two sites.

Leader of the council, Councillor John Dean, said: "Our commitment to invest in Hatfield will ensure that work we began in partnership with St Modwen and the HCA continues. Shortly after we entered into a Development Agreement the global economy suffered a massive downturn, the effects of which we continue to feel today. Town centres throughout the country have suffered and it has become clear that a different approach is needed in order to continue attracting investment in the town." 

Rupert Wood, Regional Director from St Modwen, said: "We completely understand the council's desire to lead on the next steps of the Town Centre redevelopment. In partnership and throughout the recession, we have successfully delivered Phase One which now serves as a catalyst to progress future stages of this important scheme for Hatfield."

Councillor Dean added: "Looking slightly further ahead, we may choose to exercise our right to acquire land owned by St Modwen; that would mean that any future scheme would be easier to deliver. We are currently in discussion with them regarding that option, and are looking at ways that might be funded.  We want to thank St Modwen for their work up to this point and are pleased with what they have helped us achieve in the town centre to date.  It is important for Hatfield that we maintain the momentum this investment has generated, and we are already looking beyond the initial £2.65m of renewal work which will begin in January."  

Town Centre Redevelopment Completes

Phase 1 of the redevelopment works completed in Summer 2014.

The new 88-96 Town Centre, adjacent to ASDA, includes fifteen apartments as well as five shop and café units. A further two shops and four apartments in two new buildings are now located at 17c and 17d Town Centre, facing White Lion Square and providing a gateway through The Arcade to Market Square.

In addition the old St. Albans Road, which runs between the two sites has been refurbished with paving, trees and benches to create an attractive environment for shoppers, businesses and residents.

The redevelopment has already attracted significant interest from both new residents and businesses looking for space in the town centre.

An open day for retailers held in the summer generated positive interest from national, regional and independent businesses.  Three of the seven shops are now under offer.

The new homes include 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments, many with balconies facing onto the town centre. Sales by Hertfordshire-based Lanes New Homes are also well underway with 70% under offer.

Town Centre Development Tops Out

28 November 2013

The new shops and homes in Hatfield have moved a step closer this month with the completion of the highest point of the structure of 88-96 Town Centre by regeneration specialist St. Modwen.

The new building is the largest currently under construction in Hatfield as part of the project, located next to Asda on the old St Albans Road.

When finished, 88-96 town centre will include five shops and fifteen modern one and two-bed apartments, many with balconies overlooking the pedestrianised shopping street.

The ‘topping out’ of the building marks a key milestone in the construction programme, as the developers now turn their attention to fitting out the shops and homes.

St. Modwen is also continuing the construction of 17c and 17d Town Centre, facing White Lion Square, with both buildings due for completion next year. As part of the current works the old St Albans road running between the two sites will also be refurbished, including new street furniture and paving along the street.

Gary Morris, Senior Development Manager at St. Modwen said that it was exciting to see the new buildings taking shape in Hatfield:

“With the roof in place, visitors to the town centre can get a good impression of how 88-96 Town Centre will look on completion, bringing modern shops and homes to the heart of Hatfield.

“With the main structure complete we’re now turning our attention to the new buildings facing White Lion Square, as well as a improvements at street level to provide a better, brighter environment for shoppers and residents.”

Town Centre Redevelopment Update

19 September 2013

Construction work in Hatfield Town Centre has been progressing since the last update, with the new shops and homes at 88-96 Town Centre and opposite White Lion Square now taking shape. 

As well as the buildings themselves the development, by regeneration specialist St. Modwen, will also include a facelift for the pedestrianised area with new paving and street furniture.

Commenting on the works Gary Morris, Senior Development Manager at St. Modwen said:

“It’s been a busy season for Hatfield, with our work continuing alongside the great programme of town centre events and activity that we’ve experienced during the last few months.

“As construction continues on the buildings and works on the street improvements, we’re looking forward to delivering a brighter, busier town centre for shoppers, businesses and residents.”

New Town Centre Views Revealed

22 April 2013

Exciting new images of the new buildings being constructed in Hatfield Town Centre have been published, as work continues on the redevelopment.

The new images show the shops and homes being built at 88 Town Centre – the former Bill Salmon Centre – as well as the two new buildings at the northern end of The Arcade facing White Lion Square


Piling work to lay the foundations for 88 Town Centre will be completed this month and foundation works will begin on the Arcade buildings in the coming weeks.

Work to upgrade the old St Albans Road between the two sites, including new paving and street furniture, will also start later in the year, with all the works on schedule for completion by Spring 2014.

Gary Morris, Senior Development Manager at St. Modwen said: “As well as providing bigger shops and new homes these modern buildings are going to make a big difference to how the town centre looks, helping to make it more attractive to businesses, shoppers and visitors.

“With these images we wanted to give people a taste of what’s to come, as we continue with work on the buildings ahead of completion next year.”

Town Centre Works Progressing

March 2013

Work on phase one of Hatfield Town Centre’s regeneration got underway in November 2012.

This first phase will see the creation of five new shops and fifteen apartments on the site of the former Bill Salmon Centre, now known as 88 Town Centre, along with two buildings at the northern end of The Arcade also including new shops and four apartments. In addition, Old St Albans Road which runs between the two sites will be upgraded with new paving and street furniture.

The construction works are scheduled to be completed in Spring 2014 although it is expected that the extensive street improvements will be finished in time for Christmas 2013.

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