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Hatfield Town Centre Forum is a Partnership between key stakeholders representing private, public and voluntary sector organisations including:

Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council, Hatfield Town Council, University of Hertfordshire, Hertfordshire Constabulary, The Galleria, Gascoyne Cecil and Hatfield Town Centre businesses.

 Its role is to promote the vitality and viability of the town centre.


To strengthen retail competitiveness and increase footfall in the town centre.

To promote the safety and improve the attractiveness and accessibility of the town centre.

To promote the Hatfield town centre brand and improve Hatfield town centre’s reputation.

To work together in the promotion and marketing of Hatfield town centre, its businesses and markets.

To engage and communicate with the community.

To identify funding opportunities.

Should you want to attend the Hatfield Town Centre Forum meetings please email info@hatfieldtown.co.uk


Hatfield Town Centre's Portas Bid

Want to join the team?

If you currently have a business or are an individual wanting to attend a meeting then please contact info@hatfieldtown.co.uk

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